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There are 4 areas on your body an incision can
be made, and the implant inserted.

The 4 incision sites are
• Transaxillary, (armpit)
• Periareolar (areolar)
• Inframammary (crease)
• Transumbilical (navel).

To ensure a small incision, Saline implants are
inserted empty then filled.

Silicone gel/cohesive gel implants are pre-filled
therefore the majority are inserted through the
crease, and occasionally the areolar.

The incision choice you make will depend on
your anatomy and placement of the implant.
You probably already have an idea of which site
you would like to have the incision made, but
make sure you talk over the pros and cons with
your surgeon before deciding.

Click on one of the following for detailed
information about each incision site:

Transaxillary (Armpit)

Periareolar (Areolar)

Inframammary (Crease)

Transumbilical (Navel)





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