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  The placement of an implant is commonly referred to as 'overs' and 'unders' which basically refers
to the implant being placed over or under the pectoralis muscle.

  You will find a lot of information about this subject on the web and in breast augmentation
literature, and many surgeons have different and often opposite opinions on the subject. This can
create a lot of confusion, especially if you get two different opinions from 2 different surgeons you
consult with!

  When reading on the internet about implant placement it seems that the majority of women
have implants placed partially under the muscle. This is probably as the majority of women had
little breast tissue to begin with so this placement is recommended, but also that many surgeons
prefer to use this method. Some surgeons prefer to place implants below the muscle as they feel
the risk of capsular contracture is higher with placement above the muscle. However other
surgeons say they see no more capsular contracture in their overs vs. unders and perform both
placements regularly.

  The type of implant chosen can occassionally determine the placement. In most cases it is
favourable to place a
saline implant and a silicone gel implant under the muscle to decrease the
chance of rippling, unless the patient has a good amount of tissue to cover the implant. The newer

cohesive gel implant has a lower risk of developing visible ripples therefore either placement
could be recommended to you by a surgeon.

   In this section we will give you the information we found on the subject with the varying opinions
on both placements, but our advice at is to not to base your choice on what you read
about 'overs' and 'unders' on the internet. We believe that placement choice is not the same for
each woman so once you have chosen a surgeon you trust, listen to what placement he
recommends for you and why, then make your decision.




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