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  A saline breast implant is a silicone elastomer shell filled with a salt-water solution known as saline. This Saline solution is similar to the fluids in your body so if the implant leaks the saline released can be safely absorbed. Saline-filled implants continue to be available to breast augmentation patients in Canada on an unrestricted basis.

  To ensure the smallest incision possible a saline
implant is inserted into a patient empty, and once
placed in position filled with sterile saline fluid through a self-sealing valve. The saline is measured in cubic centimeters (cc's) to determine size.

  Saline implants are available in a variety of different shapes and textures....

Round saline implants are thought to produce a more rounded appearance to the upper breast although most surgeons feel once settled into the body they do naturally assume a shape that is fuller at the bottom.

Anatomical saline implants are designed to reflect the slope of the breast with fullness at the lower part of the breast. A textured shell can ensure an anatomical implant stays in its proper upright position by the shell bonding to the surrounding breast.

Smooth saline implants are used by many surgeons who prefer the smooth shell which has low
palpability (capable of being felt) in thin skinned women or those with little breast tissue. The smooth
surface allows the implant to freely move within the breast pocket therefore behaving more like your
own natural tissue. Many surgeons recommend massaging smooth implants after surgery to
ensure the pocket is kept open and scar tissue does not contract.


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Textured saline implants were introduced with the hope they would prevent Capsular Contracture
(cc) due to the textured surface not allowing consistant scar tissue fibers to form and contract. Studies
are inconclusive as to whether textured implants do actually reduce the risk of CC. The textured
surface bonds to surrounding breast tissue and the implant does not move freely in the pocket. Other saline implant options include implants with different projections and heights, and adjustable
implants (surgeon can reduce or enlarge your implants for up to six months after your surgery).