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  56 Aberfoyle Crescent, Suite 650, Toronto,
  Ontario, Canada, M8X 2X1
  Tel: (416) 236-2581 Fax: (416) 236-2695

Email: [email protected]

  Price of consultation:
  No charge

   Dr. Ronald H. Levine is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Has has a large cosmetic practice in
Toronto specializing in breast surgery. He performs approximately 300 breast cases per year and
is one of the
largest users of breast implants in Canada.

   He received his certification in plastic surgery from the Royal College in 1984. Dr. Levine did
a Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. At present he is the

Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto and he is an Associate Professor
at the University of Toronto.

   Dr. Levine does not have a cookie cutter approach to breast surgery...he does not do this surgery
only one way. Dr. Levine uses all of the current techniques and he uses both
saline and silicone
. Each patient is given an extensive consultation at which time the technique and
implant which is best for that patient is decided. Dr. Levine would be delighted to answer any
questions about breast surgery. A consultation can be arranged through his office at 416-236-2581
or email [email protected].