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 ?Royal York Hotel (Level B) ?
  100 Front St West ?
  Toronto, Ontario M5J1E3

  Email: [email protected]

  Price of consultation:
  $200 (deducted from the
  cosmetic surgery fee if
  surgery booked within 30
  days of the consultation)

Dr. Jugenburg is internationally trained Toronto Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who is known for his efficient surgical techniques, innovative approaches to cosmetic surgery and his patient care.

Dr. Jugenburg performs a full range of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures. He is best known for his Breast Surgery, Body Contouring and Brazilian Butt Lift in particular. Dr. Jugenburg has been featured in newspapers, magazine, radio and on TV as a result of his outstanding work with cosmetic surgery patients.

Breast Augmentation
Dr. Jugenburg understands that you don't just want larger breasts. You want beautiful breasts.
Dr. Jugenburg has studied breast augmentation procedures with some of the world's most experienced breast surgeons, from whom he has learned the techniques and approaches to perform virtually every type of breast augmentation surgery and to deal with all potential challenges one may encounter during this surgery.
Dr. Jugenburg has performed many breast augmentation procedures giving him the experience, knowledge, and skill to deliver breast augmentation result you wish to have. Whether you want to go for the natural sloped breast look, or you prefer the rounder fuller upper breast, Dr. Jugenburg's expertise is there to ensure that once you are fully healed you will be exceptionally satisfied with your outcome.

Dr. Jugenburg specializes in the armpit approach, which leaves no incisions or scarring on the breast. He performs this procedure with both saline and silicone gel implants. He uses 'Keller Funnels' for a 'no touch' technique which decreases risk of infection, capsular contracture and other potential complications of this surgery.

Breast Lift
Breast lift surgery is a procedure that can make a tremendous difference to women whose breasts have lost volume due to weight loss, breast feeding, or aging. Dr. Jugenburg performs a unique and exciting NEW type of Breast Lift (Mastopexy) that creates a more perky, youthful breast and has longer lasting effects as compared to the tradition breast lift.
* More perky appearance
* More youthful appearance
* Longer lasting lift
* Lower risk of complications
* No loss of volume, no decrease in cup size
* Minimal scarring

Breast Reduction
The breast reduction procedure, technically known as reduction mammoplasty, involves removing fat from the breast to make it smaller, firmer, and lighter. The most common way of performing breast reduction surgery is the "Inverted T," in which one incision travels along the bottom of the breast, and another goes upward to the nipple. Dr. Jugenburg rarely uses the ?inverted T? approach, but rather limits the incision to only the vertical component. This means a significant reduction in scar size. In addition to the cutting out of the excess fat and breast tissue, Dr. Jugenburg also performs liposuction to sculpt the breast and remove excess fat from the side of the chest which the government health plan doesn?t consider part of the breast (and therefore is not covered under the provincial health plan) but is unsightly if left behind after the breasts have been reduced in size.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery remains an important aspect of Dr. Jugenburg's practice. Breast Cancer Reconstruction in particular is an area that Dr. Jugenburg excels in. In addition to complex cancer cases, Dr. Jugenburg is also very active at the Humber River Regional Hospital where he treats hand and facial injuries, skin lesions and cancers and other reconstructive issues.

Dr. Jugenburg's offices are located within the beautiful Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. This facility offers a luxurious, comfortable and private setting for consultations and surgery. The Clinic has state of the art Operating Room and a recovery area supplied by the latest medical technology to ensure your safety and comfort. In addition to modern instruments and monitoring equipment, this facility uses the latest technological advancements to minimize your pain, and allow you to return to your normal life quickly.

All cosmetic surgery procedures performed at the Royal York Hotel include an overnight stay in one of the luxurious hotel rooms. Instead of taking a nauseating drive home after surgery experience being on site in a luxury hotel, with convenient amenities like room service. Dr. Jugenburg and his staff are on premises and are able to visit you in your room. The following morning you will return to the clinic for your check up and then you're cleared to go home.

Although most cosmetic procedures do not require an overnight admission to a hospital, there are certain circumstances when staying in a hospital is beneficial. In such situations, Humber River Regional Hospital provides the necessary facilities. Humber River Regional Hospital is conveniently located along Hwy 401 and Hwy 400 in Toronto.

Dr. Martin Jugenburg is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Dr. Jugenburg obtained his undergraduate degree in molecular genetics and molecular biology at the University of Toronto. Then he studied Medicine at the University of Toronto, before moving to Winnipeg to train in one of the world's top Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training programs. Following his training in Winnipeg, Dr. Jugenburg was chosen from a world-wide pool of applicants as a Fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at one of the world's most prestigious Cancer institutions, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York City. During his time in New York, Dr. Jugenburg had the opportunity to learn from some of the most accomplished Plastic Surgeons.

Upon returning to Toronto, Dr. Jugenburg worked at the University Health Network and Mt Sinai Hospital as a Cancer Reconstructive Surgeon. At the same time, Dr. Jugenburg joined Dr. Frank Lista at The Plastic Surgery Clinic where he applied his skills to Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. After three years with Dr. Lista, Dr. Jugenburg moved downtown to open a new Cosmetic Surgery clinic located within the prestigious Fairmont Royal York Hotel on Front Street in downtown Toronto.

If you are looking for the best cosmetic surgeon in Toronto, make sure to put Dr. Jugenburg's name on your list of surgeons to visit. He's an internationally-recognized leader in the field.

Call his office at
416-834-6640 or fill out his contact form to book your private, confidential consultation.