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Risks & Complications continued

  Implant Displacement/Bottoming Out

   The term 'bottoming out' describes the implant loosing tissue support in the lower breast and
moving downwards. It is different to the surgeon placing the pocket lower on one side than the other.
This can happen with implants placed over the muscle or partially under the muscle as the implant is
only supported by the patients tissue. Some surgeons think placing the implant completely under the muscle including the fascia muscle can prevent this, others do not agree. To repair a surgeon has to recreate the pocket higher, closing the lower pocket with sutures. VIEW PHOTO >


   Patients with Symmastia look as if their breasts are meeting in the middle with no defined cleavage
area. This complication occurs when the chest muscles and tissues attached to the sternum have
released and raised. Sometimes it is caused by a surgeon trying to create space for a large implant
or to create cleavage. It can also happen in patients with chestwall deformities or in very thin women
with little fat. To repair the muscle and tissue needs to be reattatched and a thong bra worn to keep
the implants spaced apart. Some surgeons might suggest the implant is taken out and the area
repaired then a smaller implant put in later.


  Mondor's Cord

  Mondor's Cord feels like a hard vein usually found underneath the breast in the fold area or around
the armpit. It is the result of an inflamed or hardened bood vessel or vein, and there can be more
than one present. It is not a serious complication and goes away by itself. It can be painful but can be
soothed by placing a warm compress on the area. VIEW PHOTO >


  Loss of Sensation
  Feeling and sensation in the breast and nipple area often decreases, or occasionally increases
after breast augmentation. Women report various changes, from complete numbness to intense
often uncomfortable sensation when touched. Most changes in feeling are temporary with
everything returning to normal within the year, but can occasionally be permanent.


  Scar Complications
  The way a scar heals really varies from woman to woman but most breast augmention scars heal
well. Occasionally there are problems like raised or stretched scars, which can be treated with a

Further Reading:
Official site of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, contains detailed information and photos
about breast implants risks.